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Tronic Worlds Tronic Worlds

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

how the hell did you do this?? im taking a flash class and i would love to do something like this for my final

Zapros Zapros

Rated 5 / 5 stars

WOW i never thought i would get so stuck live how simple and effective this game is

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Why We Must Love Sheen Why We Must Love Sheen

Rated 0 / 5 stars

wow do you try making crappy games?

mervemarathon responds:

"Bitch, Fuck You" - me

Happily Ever After Happily Ever After

Rated 1 / 5 stars

its buggy, simple and sweet i like it just needs more work

William and Sly William and Sly

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome game

good graphics give you a 10 for that

good music really fit the game give you a 10 for that

and i love the way the fox moves so great game play 10 for that as well

only thing is i wish there was some kind of sense we could have to help us smell out items, darlings, hidden rooms/ tunnels and the god dam wings

any one know where the wings are i cant fiend them for the life of me?

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Newgrounds SIM v 1.2 Newgrounds SIM v 1.2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

AWSEOM GAME(here are all the codes i found)

This only works if its the name you start out with

bbsspammer: start with 50,000 posts
toomanyreviews: start with 50,000 reviews
highiq: start with 1000 intelligence
ilovepiracy: start the game with flash
cashwad: start with 1,000,000
indestructab13: start with 3000HP

This only works for as long as you keep it your name

takeoutthetrash: gives you the garbage whistle
dailydominator: makes sure all your movies get daily first place
pennybainsextoy: level 31 icon...i think not
walkonwater: always have the deity whistle
nospam: never get spam mail
deletallemail: remove all email you have
whitepower: cant be banned from BBS

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zombie horde ii zombie horde ii

Rated 5 / 5 stars


WOW man fucking awsome job, but my God is day 26 is HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! H.A.R.D.

painisenjoyment responds:

that's the idea :D

The Legends of Hiro The Legends of Hiro

Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice game i love it

01. walk up to the desk and take the ship in a bottle.
02. walk out of your house
03. talk to floaty rocky over head lady.
04. she gives you a berry
05. walk to the north
06. talk to the birdcage lady
07. you get a bird and a feather
08. walk to the north
09. go to the panda and click the feather
10. you get snot
11. walk to the tree
12. press the bird
13. you get a neckless
14. walk up to the north
15. go to the termite pile and press the ship in a bottle
16. you get termites in a bottle
17. walk to the south
18. walk to the south again
19. go to the bum and click the neckless
20. you get fuzzy dice
21. go to the broken machine and click the snot
22. go to the pot and click the berries
23. they turn red
24. go north twice
25. go to the samuri and click the berries
26. steal the sword
27. go south twice
28. turn right
29. go to the sleeping panda and click the dice
30. steal the scroll
31. go to the lady in the log and click the termites
32. you get goo
33. go left
34. go north
35. go to the helium and click the goo
36. go south twice
36. go to the floaty rock lady and click the talk icon
37. you get a sword
38. go to the sleeping panda
39.go to the bottom right
40.take the fish out of the "incopicous spot"
41.go to the pot turn the fish red go back and put the fish into the machine
43.use the goggles on the girl
44.go all the way up go through the door
45. walk up to the monster and click the sword

and now your done

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the ugly the ugly

Rated 4 / 5 stars

its ok

1. Turn on radio, then hide behind curtain.
2. go into bathroom and wash your hands, breath.
3. Open toilet and take key out of heads mouth.
4. Go into the locked room, go to the door on the right.
5. Click on the leg.

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DragRacer v2 DragRacer v2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


and i got da mean hook up with my car all you need to do is b4 the race is pop it in to 3ed gear and that your off here i got like 3 kick ass cars see what you can do with em

HS7H4>2'HS6H4>2'HS5H4>2'HS4H4>2'HS3H4>2'HS2H4>2'V44H4>1'V43 H4>1'V42H4>1'V41H4>1'V3:H4>1'V39H4>1'V38H4>2'V37H4>1'V36H4>2 'V35H4>2'V34H4>2'V33H4>2'V32H4>2'V31H4>2'V2:H4>2'V29H4>2'V28 H4>2'V27H4>2'V26H4>2'V25H4>2'V24H4>1'V23H4>2'V22H4>2'V21H4>2 'V:H4>2'V9H4>2'V8H4>2'V7H4>2'V6H4>2'V5H4>2'V4H4>2'V3H4>2'V2H 4>2'V1H4>2'IO4>2'JO4>8'EO4>5'GB4>1&3F9'FY4>NVGGMFS&6G3'OT4>2 11'QO4>2'SI4>&3E5'XT4>23'XO4>71'OCC4>&3E333'OHC4>&3E328'OSC4 >1'BCC4>&3E366'BHC4>&3E366'BSC4>&3E246'LCC4>1'LHC4>1'LSC4>1' SCC4>&3E326'SHC4>&3E326'SSC4>&3E326'GCC4>&3E366'GHC4>&3E366' GSC4>&3E241'MJ4>DIBSHFS&6GMJHIU&6G2'CL4>CMBOL'TL4>DIBSHFS&6G TLJU&6G1'GL4>CMBOL'XH4>:'XI4>XIFFM&6G4'XU4>3311'GS4>4'DM4>6' UR4>911'IQ4>2211'DO4>DIBSHFS'HS7H3>2'HS6H3>2'HS5H3>2'HS4H3>2 'HS3H3>2'HS2H3>2'V44H3>1'V43H3>1'V42H3>1'V41H3>1'V3:H3>1'V39 H3>1'V38H3>2'V37H3>1'V36H3>2'V35H3>2'V34H3>2'V33H3>2'V32H3>2 'V31H3>2'V2:H3>2'V29H3>2'V28H3>2'V27H3>2'V26H3>2'V25H3>2'V24 H3>1'V23H3>2'V22H3>2'V21H3>2'V:H3>2'V9H3>2'V8H3>2'V7H3>2'V6H 3>2'V5H3>2'V4H3>2'V3H3>2'V2H3>2'V1H3>2'IO3>2'JO3>4'EO3>2'GB3 >1&3F:'FY3>NVGGMFS&6G4'OT3>2'QO3>2'SI3>&3E5'XT3>23'XO3>1'OCC 3>1'OHC3>&3E366'OSC3>&3E366'BCC3>1'BHC3>&3E366'BSC3>&3E366'L CC3>1'LHC3>1'LSC3>1'SCC3>1'SHC3>&3E366'SSC3>&3E366'GCC3>&3E3 26'GHC3>&3E326'GSC3>&3E326'MJ3>DPNFU&6GMJHIU&6G2'CL3>CMBOL'T L3>CMBOL'GL3>CMBOL'XH3>2'XI3>XIFFM&6G2'XU3>2111'GS3>5'DM3>6' UR3>911'IQ3>2211'DO3>DPNFU'HS7H2>2&3F18'HS6H2>2&3F28'HS5H2>2 &3F27'HS4H2>2&3F33'HS3H2>2&3F29'HS2H2>2&3F18'V44H2>1'V43H2>1 'V42H2>1'V41H2>1'V3:H2>1'V39H2>1'V38H2>2'V37H2>1'V36H2>2'V35 H2>2'V34H2>2'V33H2>2'V32H2>2'V31H2>2'V2:H2>2'V29H2>2'V28H2>2 'V27H2>2'V26H2>2'V25H2>2'V24H2>1'V23H2>2'V22H2>2'V21H2>2'V:H 2>2'V9H2>2'V8H2>2'V7H2>2'V6H2>2'V5H2>2'V4H2>2'V3H2>2'V2H2>2' V1H2>2'IO2>2'JO2>2'EO2>3'GB2>1&3F9'FY2>NVGGMFS&6G2'OT2>211'Q O2>2'SI2>3'XT2>5'XO2>41'OCC2>&3E43'OHC2>&3E298'OSC2>&3E232'B CC2>&3E211'BHC2>&3E211'BSC2>&3E211'LCC2>1'LHC2>&3E366'LSC2>& 3E366'SCC2>&3E239'SHC2>&3E239'SSC2>&3E239'GCC2>&3E326'GHC2>& 3E326'GSC2>&3E326'MJ2>STY&6GMJHIU&6G2'CL2>STY&6GCLJU&6G2'TL2 >STY&6GTLJU&6G2'GL2>STY&6GGLJU&6G2'XH2>6'XI2>XIFFM&6G4'XU2>2 111'GS2>5'DM2>3'UR2>911'IQ2>2211'DO2>STY'HS7H>1&3F6'HS6H>1&3 F79'HS5H>1&3F9'HS4H>1&3F97'HS3H>1&3F:416'HS2H>2&3F13'V44H>1' V43H>1'V42H>1'V41H>1'V3:H>1'V39H>1'V38H>2'V37H>1'V36H>2'V35H >2'V34H>2'V33H>2'V32H>2'V31H>2'V2:H>2'V29H>2'V28H>2'V27H>2'V 26H>2'V25H>2'V24H>1'V23H>2'V22H>2'V21H>2'V:H>2'V9H>2'V8H>2'V 7H>2'V6H>2'V5H>2'V4H>2'V3H>2'V2H>2'V1H>2'IO>3'JO>8'EO>5'GB>1 &3F611111111111113'FY>CMBOL'OT>49'SI>&3E:'XT>25'XO>31'OCC>&3 E366'OHC>1'OSC>1'BCC>&3E366'BHC>&3E366'BSC>&3E246'LCC>1'LHC> 1'LSC>1'SCC>&3E326'SHC>&3E326'SSC>&3E326'GCC>&3E366'GHC>&3E3 66'GSC>&3E241'MJ>DIBSHFS&6GMJHIU&6G2'CL>CMBOL'TL>DIBSHFS&6GT LJU&6G1'GL>CMBOL'XH>:'XI>XIFFM&6G4'XU>211'GS>2'DM>6'UR>911'I Q>2211'DO>DIBSHFS'MWM>24'QO>2'QD>95679'